About Us

Windfall Wind Chimes
"Repurposed on Purpose"

Sisters Ellyn Pelikan and Nanette Owens have been crafting together since
childhood. As young children our Mother was our crafting inspiration. From her,
we learned not only many new and diverse crafts, but how to look at found objects and
reuse and repurpose them for crafting projects. She called these found objects
"windfalls", thus the name of our business.
As passionate crafters, we have over the years developed a penchant for
repurposing found and used objects, and turning them into artistic pieces. Today we
specialize in glass and ceramic wind chimes, made from repurposed materials, for your home and garden.
Our crafts have been featured in numerous catalogs, newspaper and magazine articles.
We hope you enjoy our creations, as much as we enjoy creating them.